Welcome on my homepage!


See as attached who I am - and how I can help you to find the way out of an uncomfortable and even hurting phase of life.

The first step is done already.

                                                    My offer as your experienced personal life-coach:


Preliminary talk max. 15 Minuten gratis. 

Preliminary talk ca. 1 hour on phone = 85 € against prepayment;

This amount will be credited in case of contract.

flat rat 1 day / 1 person ( ca.  10 - 17 Uhr) = 450,- €


Additionally nutrition ( vegetarian), travel costs for arrival and accommodation in a single room / use of bathroom;


 In case of booking more than one week all prices on individual appointment.  

In case of only nutrition change (diet) also on appointment. Just call me.


Tantric Healing massage 1 hour = 80,- €